FantaCoin (FTC)

FantaVerse is built on token economics and uses a universal ERC-20 token - FantaCoin (FTC). FTC is mainly used for DAO decentralized governance and revenue sharing.

The goal of FTC is to establish a set of economic mechanism to support a sustainable and continuous operation and development of FantaVerse. The mechanism has two main goals:
1. Reward players and nodes who participate in the development of FantaVerse, encourage them to hold tokens.
2. Decentralized development of FantaVerse ownership and governance.

FantaVerse Mining Machine

sFTC is a cryptocurrency that uses FantaVerse mining machines to provide storage, CDN acceleration, cloud game computing services for FantaVerse metaverse and network transmission of equipment data. sFTC and FTC exchange will be 1:1.

When developers utilizes storage, CDN acceleration and FantaVerse, sFTC is consumed during transmission of data and payment for blockchain transaction fees on FantaVerse.

FantaVerse physical mining machine provides distributed storage, CDN acceleration services and FantaVerse cloud gaming service. In order to promote FantaVerse nodes globally, physical mining machines will be based on a licensing system. Each connecting hardware manufacturer will have to obtain a license in their respective country. Applications for FantaVerse physical mining machines will be available in Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and the United States. These will be the first few countries for testings and deployment.

Staking & Mining

FTC staking per physical node, pre-staked, staking amount will be announced after testing on network. FTC staking value will be adjusted according to the number of participating mining nodes.

Mining output:
sFTC output from FantaVerse mining machine will be 27% of the total FTC supply. The mining output for the first year will be determined after the network is online, and reduced proportionately thereafter. For example, the output for the first year is 10% of total FTC and will be reduced by 10% for subsequent outputs. The specific values will be determined after the network is officially online.

sFTC can be exchange with FTC via cross-chain bridge in FantaVerse wallet.

Use benefits:
Participating mining machines will earn when developed and users utilizes FantaVerse mining machines for storage, CDN acceleration, cloud gaming services.

Consumption: A certain amount of sFTC will be consumed when blocks are added on-chain. Consumption amount will be adjusted according to real-time data.


Universal Token (UT) is the token used in FantaVerse metaverse game. It can be used for character breeding, purchase of epic equipment, game gold coins, etc.

1. Decentralized wallet on BSC
2. Purchase of NFT characters on BSC chain to participate in the game and increase daily income through purchase of weapons and equipment.

Play2Earn Process:
1. Obtain treasure chest in PVE/PVP, treasure chests awards UT
2. Option to utilize cross-chain bridge for UT
3. Decentralized exchange – UT can be exchanged with FTC

Play2Earn Model

1. Play2Earn: 97,200,000 FTC – 27% of the total supply of FTC
2. UT total supply is 7.2 billion – 90% used for game play reward, 10% for AI play reward
3. UT supply for the first year will be 10% and adjusted according to the number of participants using the following formula:

Assuming maximum output for each account is 12, which can be specified by contract or company

Example: p=194400000/365 days = 532600. The theoretical maximum number of pax 532600/12=44383

The actual daily output will gradually reach the theoretical maximum value from 0

If n>m, the output is adjusted, but the maximum output per day remains unchanged.

Contract Addresses

FTC Token Contract Address: 0xfb6ca216c08178f218c0b3983f81e066cb946199
FTC BlackHole Address: 0x3aeADf02BE1ECfD8c9aBCA44b51571725ebBc099
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UT Contract Address on BSC Chain: 0x39dC1F91fee49C03a0Db558254707116101518bf
UT BlackHole Address: 0x0Cd7b5C77558199B80AF14C5804AAE56B8B83Cdf
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