MR FantaGlass

FantaGlass functions as the entrance to the FantaVerse Metaverse.

FantaGlass is powerful, intuitive and lightweight for daily use. Its 120” virtual screen provides an unprecedented, immersive, multimedia experience for apps, games and movies.

FantaGlass doesn’t just support VR and AR functions but also MR (Mixed Reality), offering a world-class immersive experience in a decentralized metaverse. With voice and gesture controls plus advanced features, you can now unlock infinite possibilities hands-free with FantaGlass.

FantaGlass, which supports multi-OS and mobile devices, creates a truly immersive gaming experience for the interplanetary metauniverse, FantaVerse.

Refresh your world with a brand-new perspective with FantaGlass.

Voice Control

Voice command allows you to stay hands-free, control volume, brightness, etc


4K images with a 43º FOV, like watching a 120” screen at a few feet distance

Lightweight &

85g lightweight design, 90° foldable feature for easy storage

Plug and

No charging or installation required, simply plug & play to see games & videos

Compatible with
All Devices

Android & IOS phones, desktops & laptops, PS4, Xbox, Switch


Nearsighted users (myopia of -5.00 D or less) can achieve perfect vision

HD Directional

Dual HD directional sound system, can clearly pick up your voice commands

Noise Cancelling

Equipped with a noise cancelling microphone for an optimal experience

MR FantaGlass

FantaGlass is everyone’s entrance into FantaVerse that offers a world-class immersive experience. Players can also communicate face-to-face with a variety of AI-enhanced voices!