FantaSwap and cross-chain bridge provide support for NFT and token transactions on different chains. FantaSwap is a new generation cross-chain issuance and transaction protocol based on Ethereum Layer-2 network. Using Layer-2 as the foundation, FantaChain combines multi-dimensional oracle and Web 3.0 technology to establish an intra-chain and cross-chain communication protocol that enables fast issuance of crypto assets and cross-chain transactions and circulation. We call this as cross-chain asset transaction agreement. This protocol supports the issuance of various encrypted assets such as local planet currency, race and character NFT, etc. These assets are exchanged and circulated in the game, enabling players to purchase characters, equipment, lands, etc conveniently.

The protocol will gradually support ETH (Layer-2), BSC, POLYGON and other public chains to create a comprehensive cross-chain ecology.

FantaSwap also provides in-game decentralized exchange DEX, staking and liquidity mining to facilitate the management of race tokens by various planet organizations. Multi-dimensional oracle system supports on-chain/off-chain asset transactions and ensures that it is tamper-proof.