Is your business ready for the‍ Metaverse?

Ready or not, the metaverse is here. But, what does this mean for the future of the business world? How do you adapt your business?


Taking your business into the metaverse

Our Launchpad provides a framework for the digital transformation of businesses and
help companies extend their activities in real life into the metaverse.

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The endgame for the metaverse is for virtual worlds to exist seamlessly alongside the real, with immersive interactions between the two.

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Our modular content solution provides businesses with the foundational building blocks required for starting your metaverse world.

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Easily launch and deploy metaverse applications and accelerate the digitalization of businesses.

Key Features of our metaverse solutions


Bigworld & Open Metaverse

Cost Effective

Low cost & fast deployment


AR/VR/Wearable/Cloud enabled


AAA-level graphic quality


Ecosystem & joint marketing


Shared access between metaverses

Our Metaverse Solutions

Scalable, adaptable, customizable

Meta Fantasy provides a platform for metaverse collaborations with easy-to-deploy applications and technologies that will accelerate the digitalization of enterprises in an unprecedented way.

Metaverse AR

One of the cornerstones of metaverse reality. Bring your contents to LIFE by adding immersive elements to objects in your metaverse!

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Cloud Solution

Especially relevant considering that the infrastructure required to support metaverse environments may necessitate specialized technology.

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Motion Capture

Motion capture closes the gap between virtual and physical and will be the key to a whole new level of immersion and interactivity in the metaverse of the future.

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Multiplayer Metaverse

Rich and large-scale multiplayer metaverse where thousands of users can be in the dynamic virtual worlds.

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Metaverse VR

Rebuild five senses with VR technology that incorporates robotic haptic feedback and delivers never before deliver sensory experiences!

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3D Modeling

Specially designed for medium to large-sized objects and human body 3D scanning and ensures best-in-class performance on body scan, especially for eyes and hairs.

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Ready to take your business into the metaverse?

Utilize our technology capabilities to build metaverse applications!

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