Decentralized Metaverse


FantaVerse decentralized metaverse includes planets, races, equipment, skills, appearances etc. with various maps and exploration.


The universal token FantaCoin (FTC) is mainly used for decentralized governance DAO and revenue sharing.


MR FantaGlass that supports multi-platforms and in-game virtual social networking with world-class immersive experience.


FantaVerse provides rich gaming experience with a large universe that include planets, races, equipment, skills, appearances etc. Players can collect and breed characters, use characters to battle, collect equipment, train characters, explore planets and create a home. The core gameplay will include the popular Moba5v5, PVP arena/battlefields, PVE raids/boss, universe exploration, competition to acquire resource planets and custom maps, making the metaverse a truly immersive experience for all players.

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