About Meta Fantasy

PT. Meta Fantasy Indonesia is a metaverse gaming company with more than 100 team members from all over the world.

The company focuses on development of blockchain and metaverse technology. Its debut decentralized metaverse game, FantaVerse, is based on blockchain technologies with a Play2Earn game model where players can earn valuable tokens through building interplanetary kingdoms, dynamic gameplay and by actively contributing to the FantaVerse ecosystem.

Management Team

Henry Astley - CEO

Henry is an experienced software consultant at a leading consulting firm, specialising in the areas of FinTech, AI and blockchain. He has also advised multiple funds and startups that focus on AI and blockchain technologies. Henry holds a Master’s of Finance Degree and has worked across Southeast Asia and Australia.

Albert Kek - COO

Over 20 years experience in business development and operation, product development, business strategy, and strategic partnerships in Asia Pacific. Currently serves as CEO of AIWORK, which is a an open source blockchain ecosystem built on a consensus network of Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing resources and a community of human experts.

Dr. Julian CHANG – CTO

Specializes in data-engineering. Key positions in his career include Senior Engineering Manager at Asus, Singapore, Chief Scientist at Wecash Asia Pacific and LinkSure, CTO for Fyreflyz, professor of computer engineering at NTU, Singapore.


Experienced IT professional with over 16 years of experience in the IT industry. Excellent reputation for resolving problems, improving customer/end user satisfaction, and driving overall operational improvements.

Phoebe Wong - CMO

Years of experience in project management, focusing on overseas projects in the education, new media and blockchain fields. PR director for Finblock and GPE blockchain projects. Graduated with English diploma from Fu Jen Catholic University.

Community Management Team


+5 years experience as a Community Team Lead. Handled for over 50+ community groups over 200,000 community size and AMA including US, Korea, Turkey, Russia, India, Vietnam, Iran & Indonesia.


xperienced in blockchain and building marketing plans for launching new project. Growth hacks for the project community in Vietnam crypto space.


Working in India crypto community since 2017. +5 years of community management and community growth skill through India, US & Korea market.


Discord Team Lead and Consultant from Pakistan. +4 years of experienced as a Community Manager in top blockchain project that includes Afrika and US.


Ex huobi Senior Business Development Manager, handling user growth in Southeast Asia and ex Grab Regional Manager. Strong experience in User Growth and new market launching.

Development Team

Daniel Soon | Wayne Miller | Wilson Chang
Aiden Tan | Amelia Rodriguez | Chan Ray
Lucas Young | Lewis Chan | Mitchell Roberts | Scott Simon | Evan Phillips
Scarlett Zhao | John Chan | Alan Peterson
Morgan Kim
Project Lead
Howard Myers


Dr. Whitfield Diffie - Advisor

Turing award winner, pioneer of public-key cryptography, founder of world network security.

Dr. Zhiyu Jiang - Advisor

Stanford University Ph.D., student of Frank Yang. Career path includes Fermilab, NASA, and chief architect at Hitachi Group's US headquarters.

Richard Wang - Advisor

Richard Wang joined the DFJ Dragon Fund in 2011 and has over 18 years of experience in business development, technical marketing, and high-tech sales management. Prior to the DFJ Dragon Fund, Richard worked as QunZhong's CEO of e-commerce, where he successfully opened a new sales channel via computer and mobile Internet.