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Meta Fantasy Partners with GrowthEase to innovatively propel the metaverse experience

  • Oct 27

Meta Fantasy recently entered into a strategic partnership with GrowthEase, a leading one-stop enterprise service provider under NetEase Group, which stands as our cornerstone investor, infusing our metaverse vision with investment & tech prowess...

Reflections on the AI Trailblazers Initiative Workshop!

  • Oct 14

Meta Fantasy had the privilege to participate in the AI Trailblazers workshop on 5th October 2023, an inspiring initiative jointly presented by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), Digital Industry Singapore (DISG), the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office (SNDGO), and Google Cloud.

Meta Fantasy: Pioneering Your Metaverse Experience

  • Oct 13

Meta Fantasy is at the cutting edge of the metaverse frontier, leveraging the capabilities of advanced artificial intelligence. As the portal to your dreams and imagination, we blur the boundaries between what’s imagined and what’s experienced, crafting a bridge between users, businesses, and the vast expanse of the metaverse powered by artificial intelligence.